Interior elements: decorative pieces with magnet, a box, door retainer, photo frame, money box,  bell, ring holder.

     Items of stationery: a postcard, decorative seal, paper holder, ink–well, penholder, pen, book marker, rubber.

     Exterior elements: a door bell, a figure.

     Food: marzipan, biscuit, chocolate.

     Household items: lampshade, hair rubber band, a clock, dress hanger, key trinket, ashtray, button, censer, shoe–hog, vase, flowerpot, cigarette–lighter, candle, candlestick.

     Jewelry: earrings, necklace, pendant, brooch, shield, ring.

     Items of table setting: knife–holder, bottle–holder, salt–cellar, bowl, corkscrew,  knife, pepperpot, cup, napkin–holder.

    Bathroom and sanitary items: toothbrush, soap, soapdish, jerry, sponge, condom, hairbrush, headstock for a toilet swab, a pin for a babby dummy.

     Toys: squeaky toy, soft toy, sweet container, whistle.

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